• redbull
    RedBull Coast 2 Coast

    19th September – I have a place on the Red Bull Coast 2 Coast Challenge to Kitesurf from Germany to Denmark and back!

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    No barriers 2015

    The second No Barriers event, and it’s fair to say this event is here to stay!

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    PKA UK Tour 15/16

    I have decided to enter the PKA race series for 2015 / 2016 and have a go at racing.

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    NABX & IBX 2015

    Write up & gallery from trip to California & Nevada for the NABX & IBX event.

VIDEO // Kite Buggy Madness – VOORAY
19 Aug //

Had such an awesome time at the Red Bull Air Race this weekend. Massive thanks to Red Bull UK for the tickets, the views of the racing were amazing!

17 Aug // facebook

Stoked is about only word can use right now, made it into the Red Bull Coast 2 Coast. A 50km race from Germany to Denmark & Back! This won’t be first long distance or country to country kitesurf after kiting the English Channel in 2012! Can’t wait.

03 Aug // facebook
RedBull Coast 2 Coast
Germany to Denmark
Sep 15
RAWKite Final Pembrey
Pembrey, Wales
Sep 15
KLBB Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Oct 15
Sandbanks Watersports Festival

An event at my local spot, based on the amazing beach that is Sandbanks. A general waterspouts event, aimed at […]

03 Aug // news

The light wind saver does it again! Good hour on water this morning on the 18m Flysurfer Lotus. Floaty jumps and 1080’s. #lovesummer

02 Aug // facebook

Awesome session down at the Sandbanks Beach Festival today powered on the 15 Sonic-FR and Radical. The upwind was crazy on the kite and managing to kite most of the day while others were on beach …

01 Aug // facebook

The last few months have been pretty tough, not knowing what the future may hold. I have already made the call that my freestyle competition days are behind me, but am still going to help push the freestyle competition scene forward. Will I freestyle again? Undecided in short. What I have decided is that I am going to give this racing malarky a good go! Massive thanks to FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, Monster Products, Ford UK, vooray, …..

16 Jul // facebook

#morning #kitesurf at pembrey this #weekend. Parked up at the #beach. @forduk #flysurfer #kite #board #surf @vooray #liverideplay #action #actionsport #sport #extremesport

09 Jul // instagram
No Barriers 2015

The second No Barriers event, and it’s fair to say this event is here to stay! With over 200 kiters […]

08 Jul // news

Had an #awesome #session on the 11m this #morning. It’s great being able to park right on the #beach next to the #sea! @forduk #flysurfer #vooray #liverideplay

04 Jul // instagram

#ultimate #beach #parking. Hoping for an en #evening #kitesurf but not enough #wind. Although having the #ford #ranger has been epic for beach #driving. @forduk #kite #flysurfer

04 Jul // instagram
RAWKite Ainsdale

The Second round of the UK Tour and another complete Event with all Heats run and all competitions completed.

30 Jun // news

Awesome day at Ainsdale, we managed to run a lot of heats, some more still to run tomorrow. Transit AWD is awesome! Thanks #ford. #kite #event #competition #flysurfer #nofilter #beach @forduk @monsterproducts #sun #kitebuggy #kitelandboard

28 Jun // instagram

STOKED! Made the front cover of the new KITE and friends magazine with a nice feature of our road trip around the USA in March. Thanks to FLYSURFER Kiteboarding for the support on the trip!

19 Jun // facebook

Awesome evening session, not a huge amount of wind but when you have an 18m Lotus lack of wind is irrelevant! Some nice floaty jumps and quick runs. Love living by the beach!

19 Jun // facebook
KiteBoardOpen Holland

The KBO is one of the best known Kite Events in Europe. I was asked to head over to demo […]

26 May // events

Heading back from Family had to stop by where it all began, the school field in Norfolk! Back then it wasn’t fences around and through it luckily, otherwise might have ripped a few more kites!!

23 May // facebook

Thanks Ford UK for the Transit Custom for the Kite board open event in Holland this weekend!

21 May // facebook
RAWKite Essex Cup

Well I think it is fair to say that was a success! 6 Disciplines, 46 heats, all double elimination run in one day! Huge thanks to those who helped with the Event, AJ for Judging, Sarah for Flags, The Essex Kite Park crew for having us & all the competitors for coming.

06 May // events

Well I call that a success! 1 day we ran all 6 disciplines with double elimination at the RAWkite Essex Cup!

02 May // facebook